1) Conceptual reform of early intervention for development disorders

1) Conceptual reform of early intervention for development disorders に関する記事です。
As for 1), as you have know already, Japanese people think about early intervention as follows;

No. 1 = They do not know the children with special needs can catch up with their peers by early intervention
No. 2 = They tend to hide their children with special needs from public
No. 3 = Under current circumstances in Japan, the children with special needs often can not live independently, and the parents do not have any hope in their children's future.
No. 4 = Most of the parents who know the early intervention believe that the therapy session should be done by the parents, not other professionals.
If the parents have once known that their children can progress
through appropriate therapy, the parent would be able to have a little bit of emotional relief as I had.

Even if the progress was less than hoped and the child does not become indistinguishable from normally developing peers, it is still likely to have positive results and better than regretting later on that early intervention was never tried. The parents would be able to feel satisfaction at least by doing their best with the right timing.

No. 4 is especially a serious problem. The mothers who quit their jobs to provide therapy sessions to their own children, are always frustrated and blaming themselves for less than expected progress, and some of them end up with psychiatric therapy themselves.

For these mothers, their therapy is the first and the last therapy for them, and they do not become a professional. Why do these mother hire a professional for piano lesson but not hire profession therapists for early intervention therapy that require experience and knowledge most? I do not understand this and it doesn't make sense.

I do not want to waste my time for the sake of my son. His time is limited and I need to provide the best therapist for him.

I understand that the good therapists could make a great progress for children which the therapists with less than appropriate ability can not achieve even after many days.

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