Autism 2

Autism 2 に関する記事です。
I have searched for information about Autism day after day on the Internet, and I haven’t been able to sleep much, due to this fact.

I have learned that: there are methods to help Autism. Early Intensive Intervention is very important, however, there are very few therapists in Japan. In the US, though, children can receive one on one therapy and the costs are covered.

I have sent many emails to various therapists, and they all said that they have no time. I want my son to receive American Advanced Therapy, however, when I mentioned this to a doctor here, she said it was impossible, due to the high costs. I was so frustrated and upset that I cried tears of anger and vexation.

What can we do for our son?

My husband and I try our best to make everyday fun and happy for him, as we feel that when we are happy, our brains are able to work better. We go to various places outside the home, to expose him to different sources of stimulation. I can relax, and I am sure that he can pick up on this positive feeling. He likes new things and situations. When he goes on a journey, he opens his eyes wide. At Tokyo Station, he was standing to watch the Shinkan-sen for 1 hour. Naturally, he said

When we went to America on our holiday, I got an e-mail from Japan. It said that;
“We sent for a therapist from Hawaii. If you want, your son can have therapy.”
At our hotel in Philadelphia, I shouted,
“Thank you for your e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!! This mail was great news!”

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